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5 Signs It Is Time To Have Your Chimney Cleaned

While it is a good thing to have your chimney cleaned every year before the beginning of the heating season, this may not be the only time that a chimney cleaning service is required. Furthermore, if you do not use your fireplace on a regular basis, you may find that while your chimney needs to be inspected for any signs of a blockage, your chimney may not require a f

2 Reasons To Choose Shipping Container Home Construction For Your Forever Home

The tiny home movement has grown in leaps and bounds over the years, and this can be attributed to several reasons. One reason why more and more people are opting to build a tiny home is so that they can reduce their carbon footprint. Firstly, you do not have to clear a considerable amount of land to construct your house and this means less deforestation. Additionally

Three Benefits Of Using A Boundary Conflicts Mediator

If you have a boundary dispute or a boundary conflict with a neighbor, you may be taking legal action to settle the dispute. When it comes to legal matters, more and more people are opting for mediation, rather than utilizing the courts. This is because there are many benefits associated with mediating a dispute, rather than taking it to trial. Here are three benefits

What To Expect When Having A Home Replaced After Years Of Ice Dams

Ice dams, those sheets of ice that form on the edge of some roofs in the winter, are known for causing progressive roof damage over time. As such, when you have a roof replaced and you know that the roof has had ice dams on its surface for many years, you can expect the roofers will recommend some extra work and repairs. Here are three key repairs and updates you can

Six Routine Maintenance Tasks To Bring Down Commercial Plumbing Costs

It's essential that the plumbing system is functioning properly at your commercial facility so that your business operations can continue without issue. Paying for a commercial plumbing service can be expensive when your system malfunctions. You can keep your commercial plumbing in good shape over time by carrying out a few routine maintenance tasks. The following are