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Common Septic Drainfield Problems

A drainfield, or leach field, is a septic system component that contains porous materials like sand and gravel. Unsaturated soil lies at the bottom of the leach field. Pretreated wastewater passes through the drainfield, which helps eliminate harmful bacteria. Then, the treated water percolates the unsaturated soil into underground aquifers. Given the important functi

Everything You Need To Know About Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood, also known as reclaimed lumber, is processed wood retrieved from buildings and structures. Deconstruction happens carefully to maintain the woods' shape and integrity for reuse to meet the current demand for eco-friendly and sustainable building products for homes and businesses. You can reclaim any tree species, but most builders recommend redwood, oa

How Residential Siding Contractors Can Accelerate the Completion of Home Construction Projects

Homeowners engage in various forms of maintenance, repairs, and renovations to ensure that their home's siding remains in optimal condition. Unfortunately, siding construction is subject to numerous considerations that impact the completion of siding construction projects. For that reason, these siding construction processes can be complex and time-consuming without q

How 3D Land Scanning Can Accelerate Construction Projects

Construction teams, like those at PLCS Corporation, often rely on a large amount of personnel, equipment, machinery, and other tools to complete their land surveys. However, properties that feature large and complex landscapes can present a unique and difficult challenge to construction teams. The scale of such projects can make it difficult for construction teams to

How Buying A New Construction Home Can Save Buyers Money

When buying a home, many prospective home buyers overlook the possibility of purchasing new construction. Many prospective home buyers believe that new construction homes are too expensive. Unfortunately, this assessment neglects to take into consideration the many costs associated with homeownership that buyers will be responsible for after purchasing their home. The