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When To Replace A Damaged Residential Roof

Is the aesthetic of the exterior of your home no comparison to the renovations that were made on the interior of your home? If your roof is damaged and old, it plays a role in the overall appearance of the exterior of your home. By replacing an old roof, the exterior of a home will gain a substantial amount of curb appeal, which also raises home value. The biggest benefit of replacing a damaged roof is the added safety it provides to your household, as a severely damaged roof can cave in. A roof will usually show several signs of damage that indicate that replacement is needed.

There Are Signs of Interior Water Damage

Roof damage is not confined to the roof alone, as the damage can also be seen on the interior of the home. For example, if a roof has been damaged for a long time, the deck may have deteriorated and allowed rainwater into your home. You can look for signs of water damage on the ceilings, walls, and internal structure. If your walls and ceilings have soft spots, bubbles, and discoloration, it is a sign of severe roof damage that has caused a water leak. You might also smell mildew and see mold growth if your roof is leaking.

Shingles Are in a Bad Condition

The condition of your shingles says a lot about the severity of roof damage that is present. Even without climbing up a ladder to look at the roof, you can find signs of roof damage. For example, if the shingles are damaged, granules might be on the ground or in the downspout of your home. If you see a lot of small pebbles on the ground and do not know where they came from, they are likely from the shingles on the roof. Missing, curled, or cracked shingles are a sign that the roof is damaged as well, and you should hire a roofer to climb up to perform an inspection.

Exterior Air Comes Through the Roof

A roof should keep outside elements out of a home, so there is a problem when the elements are coming inside. If you can feel air coming through the ceilings, it means that the air is passing through the roof as well. You need to get to the root of the problem as soon as possible by contacting a roofer. If multiple signs of damage are present, there is a high chance that your roof needs to be replaced.

For more information about roofing replacement, contact a local company.