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4 Signs Your Hardwood Floor Needs Refinishing

There are many benefits to having a hardwood floor since it adds appeal, style, and character to your home. It is also durable and resistant to staining, making it ideal for homes with high foot traffic. But your hardwood will only bear its finish and appeal for a short time without maintenance. One of the best things you can do to keep your hardwood floor looking great is to refinish it. Here is how to know when your hardwood floor is due for refinishing.

1. Fading and Discoloration

UV sun rays cause discoloration on your curtains, walls, pictures, and furniture. Unfortunately, your hardwood floor won't be spared either. Its quality finish will fade with time, making your floor dull. This is a perfect time to call a wood floor refinishing contractor for refinishing services. They will sand the floor and refinish it to revive its look and feel.

2. Water Damage

Water is your hardwood floor's worst enemy. It can cause it to warp, develop stains, and discolor. A quality stain can prevent spills from destroying your hardwood floor. But it may be breached in the event of a flood or major roof leaks, leading to ugly gray stains. Has your hardwood floor been stained after catastrophic water damage? Worry not; you need to call a flooring company, and they will refinish it for a mesmerizing ambiance.

3. You Are Ready to Sell Your Home 

Are you planning to put your home on the market? If yes, you ought to know that buyers look for homes with attractive and well-maintained hardwood floors. So, if your hardwood floor is faded or scratched, you may want to engage a contractor for refinishing services. With a newly refinished hardwood floor, you could raise the price and still attract many buyers.

4. Numerous Scratches

Your wooden floor is prone to scratches from different things, including pets, furniture, and normal traffic. While small scratches may not be a big deal, numerous big scratches can make your floor unsightly. As such, you should engage a professional for refinishing services. This will help cover the scratches and give your hardwood floor a fresh look. After refinishing, you should buy protective furniture pads and cut your pet's nails to keep scratches at bay.

These are four common indicators you can use to know whether it is time for hardwood floor refinishing. For outstanding hardwood floor refinishing services, partner with a hardwood floor refinishing contractor with a proven track record of delivering flawless results.