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Why A Regular Seawall Inspection Is Important For Your Waterfront Property

Do you own a piece of property that is located right up near a body of water? Owning beachfront or really any kind of waterfront property might be a lifelong dream that you've worked hard to achieve, but it's important to note that your work is not over if you want the property to remain in good condition. If your property has a seawall, it is of critical importance that you keep an eye on this area and have a professional conduct a seawall inspection on a regular basis. Here's why you should get your waterfront property inspected along its seawall at least once per year.

Eroding Soil Can Be Dangerous for Your Property and Your Family

Your seawall is designed to keep the incoming water or waves from damaging the soil near your property. Failure to keep the seawall in good condition will lead to soil erosion and eventually a dangerous situation. If enough soil erodes, you could be at risk of damage to your property's foundation or even at risk for a major accident occurring that could cause catastrophic damage to your property or hurt someone you care about.

Even If the Erosion Is Not Dangerous, It Can Still Lower Your Property Value

Even if you believe your seawall is doing a good enough job of protecting your property, you should still work to reinforce the seawall and correct any soil erosion that does occur on a regular basis. Even if it's not outright dangerous, soil erosion could reduce your property's value if you should ever put it back on the market. Anyone looking to buy your home will note the erosion during an inspection and will want you to lower your asking price if you are expecting the next owner to take care of the problem. But with a regular seawall inspection, you can find small issues and stamp them out before they grow into long-term ones that could cost you money.

Maintaining Your Seawall Can Also Eliminate or Reduce Your Liability When an Accident or Incident Occurs

Beyond protecting your property and your family, a regular seawall inspection by a professional can reduce your liability if an incident occurs that hurts someone who was walking past your property when things went south. Having documented records demonstrating that you did what you could to maintain a solid seawall could help you defend against negligence claims that might occur if a collapse near your property ends up spreading and damaging someone else's property as well.

Contact a local seawall inspection service to learn how an inspection works.