The Art and Science of Construction

The Art and Science of Construction

Is It Time For Synthetic Grass? Making The Best Decision For You And Your Yard

Artificial grass, also called synthetic grass, is a product that is made to look and feel like real grass but is more durable and longer-lasting. There are many advantages to synthetic grass, one of which is the ability to add color and design to landscaping. Because artificial grass does not require watering or mowing, it can save you money on your water bill and you

What Skills Do You Need To Install Your Own Kitchen Cabinets?

While some companies insist on installing custom cabinetry orders themselves, homeowners can order preassembled cabinets that they're free to install themselves instead. Handling this labor yourself can save you hundreds to thousands of dollars depending on the amount of cabinetry you want to add to your kitchen. While these cabinets are relatively straightforward to

Products That Can Make Your Dock More Usable

If you have a dock, you might as well use it to its fullest. Sometimes, that means buying a few more products to attach to your dock or keep on the deck. Here are some key dock products to consider purchasing if you want to use your dock more. A Dock Ladder If you ever swim in the body of water where your dock is floating, then consider adding a dock ladder to the sid

Common Septic Drainfield Problems

A drainfield, or leach field, is a septic system component that contains porous materials like sand and gravel. Unsaturated soil lies at the bottom of the leach field. Pretreated wastewater passes through the drainfield, which helps eliminate harmful bacteria. Then, the treated water percolates the unsaturated soil into underground aquifers. Given the important functi

Everything You Need To Know About Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood, also known as reclaimed lumber, is processed wood retrieved from buildings and structures. Deconstruction happens carefully to maintain the woods' shape and integrity for reuse to meet the current demand for eco-friendly and sustainable building products for homes and businesses. You can reclaim any tree species, but most builders recommend redwood, oa