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A Hardscape Contractor Can Install A Sidewalk Or Winding Walkway To Protect Your Grass

Walkways are good to have on your property so your lawn doesn't get paths worn in it. You probably walk to the trash can often or the mail person may take the same path across your yard and eventually wear a path in it. These kinds of footpaths are unattractive and they kill the grass.

A walkway can eliminate this problem by providing a designated place to walk. A hardscape contractor can help you plan an attractive walkway and build it for you. Here are some hardscape ideas for walkways.

A Basic Concrete Sidewalk

You may not want anything fancy, and when that's the case, a basic sidewalk might be all you care about. You'll need to choose how you want the sidewalk placed in your yard. You may want it to curve from your door to your fence gate where you keep your trash can. A basic concrete walkway is easy to build and will last for many years.

A Flagstone Walkway

Flagstones are popular for walkways because they act as large stepping stones. Flagstone hardscapes are decorative, so they give your yard a little glamor. You may want one of these walkways leading to your front door or crossing your yard so the mail delivery person can use it. Rather than making a straight walkway, you might want one that's curved or winding to make it more attractive.

Stamped Concrete Sidewalk

If you like the shape and size of a concrete sidewalk on your property but you don't like the ugly beige surface, think about having the sidewalk stamped. After the concrete is poured but before it's hard, the hardscape contractor can press shapes into the concrete and add color. This could make your concrete look like it's made from rectangular or irregular stone pavers.

You can even find concrete stamps in the shape of leaves, flowers, or animals. You could create a unique hardscape that winds through your lawn and adds fun and beauty.

River Rock Walkway

River rocks are fun hardscape elements, and they can be used for many things. You can make a patio out of them and link walkways to your patio. While the walkways are made up of individual rocks, the rocks are round and smooth so you can walk on them with bare feet. You could also combine river rocks with stepping stones by placing the larger stones among the smaller rocks for an attractive look.

A contractor who provides hardscape services can give you plenty of ideas for adding a walkway that matches your home's decor and adds a little luxury to your yard while protecting your lawn.