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Building a Deck? Why You Need to Include a Railing System

If you're going to build a deck in your yard, don't forget about the railing. If it's not going to be an elevated deck, you might not think you need a railing. That's not the case though. There are a lot of beneficial reasons to install a railing system on your new deck. If you're not sure you want a railing system on your new deck, read the list provided below. Here are four reasons to add a railing system to your new deck. 

Add Some Ambiance

If you want to give your new deck some added features, it's time to add a railing to the plans. A railing system can add ambiance to your new deck. In fact, you can turn the railing into the focal point of your deck. One way to do that is to add planters to the railing system. That way, you have a place for your potted plants. You can also add solar lights to the railing posts. A lighted railing system can help avoid trip and fall accidents. A lighted railing can also create a romantic mood in the evening hours. 

Ensure Compliance

If you're going to build an elevated deck, you need to add a railing system. Without the railing, your elevated deck poses a safety risk for you and your guests. That's because people can fall off the deck. But, there's another reason to install a railing system on your elevated deck. Most local building ordinances require rails on elevated decks. If your deck will be more than 30 inches off the ground, you'll need to install a railing system. 

Reduce Pet Traffic

If you want to keep your deck a pet-free zone, a railing system is a perfect option. Pets can wreak havoc on your deck, especially when they're not supervised. The easiest way to keep pets off the deck is to install a railing system. Add a gate to the deck, and your pets won't gain access to the deck unless you want them to. 

Increase Access

If someone in your family has mobility issues, don't forget the deck railing. Railing provides added support when using steps. A railing system also provides added safety for wheelchair ramps. Before you build your ramp, consider mobility issues. To make your deck more accessible, talk to your builder about adding a railing system. 

Give your new deck the finishing touch it deserves. Add a deck railing system and enjoy the benefits described above.