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When Do You Need Urgent Garage Door Repair Services?

According to a 2017 survey, 66 percent of all occupied houses in the U.S. had a garage or carport. Today, the number of houses with garages is even higher. Also, the garage door is the most used component in most homes as homeowners use it as the entry and exit point of their homes. 

Unfortunately, garage doors often break down from time to time due to constant use. Here are four telltale signs it's time to seek garage door repair services.

Your Garage Door Is Too Noisy

If your garage door is making loud, aggressive noises when opening or closing, there is cause for alarm. A garage door should operate smoothly without making any strange noises. 

The type of noise produced might help you predict what might be wrong with the door. For example, squealing noises might indicate the garage door is out of balance. Rattling noises might indicate loose bolts or nuts, while rumbling noises might be a sign of loose springs. If ignored, these repair issues could become worse, causing the need for a complete garage door replacement. Therefore, seek garage door repair as soon as you hear the noises.  

Your Garage Door Opens or Closes Unexpectedly

Has your garage door shut down unexpectedly after opening it? Or maybe the door bounced back up after trying to close it. Whichever the case, you're dealing with a serious safety risk. If the garage door closes unexpectedly while your pet or kid is passing by, it could quickly turn into an ugly situation. 

For the safety of your household members, you should stop using the garage door the moment you notice the problem. Then, call garage door repair experts to assess the issue and perform the necessary repairs. 

Your Garage Door Shows Slow Response Time

Your time is precious. If your garage door takes time to respond after you have pressed the remote, you may be wasting valuable time. Besides, the door may soon stop working if the problem isn't addressed on time. 

Slow response time on a garage door could be caused by various factors, including bad rollers, damaged remote circuitry, broken opener cords, and corroded pulleys. Since these issues may be a bit technical for you, get a professional to do the repairs. 

Your Garage Door Is Sagging

Your garage door may start to sag because of old age. If that's the case, a garage door replacement may be needed. But if your garage door isn't old but still sagging, repairs may work just fine. 

Sagging garage doors could be caused by corrupted tracks, dulled rollers, weakened lintels, or damaged tension springs, among other problems. Keep in mind that a sagging garage door could easily lose balance to cause serious injuries or property damage. Thus, the earlier you seek garage door repairs, the better. 

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