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Durable, Functional, And Affordable Pole Building Barns

Pole barns are an excellent option for homeowners looking to save money while increasing their indoor-outdoor space. Whether you want a new home or planning to build your own, you might want to keep pole-building barns in mind. From horse barns to storage sheds, these barns are capable of anything. They may even be the solution if you're looking to downsize your home but not give up any precious space.

Basics of Pole Barn Building

Building with poles is an old construction method that has been used to build everything from homes to barns. In modern times, pole building has become even more popular due to its durability and affordability. Pole buildings are constructed using two rows of vertical posts that are set in concrete foundations and topped with trusses that span between the posts. The trusses support the roof and rafters, making it possible to create large open spaces within a pole building's walls without compromising its strength or stability.

Different types of pole building designs are available today, ranging from simple sheds to large storage facilities that can be used for a variety of purposes. Pole buildings can be constructed using wood or metal poles as well as wood trusses and other materials, depending on what you need them for.

Pole Building Designs

The most common designs for pole buildings are gable roofs and gambrel roofs, although you can also choose from other styles such as hip roofs, flat roofs, and even mansard-style roofs. The size of your pole building will determine what type of roof you get – smaller barns will have smaller pitches while larger ones will have larger pitches.

Exterior Finishes for Pole Barns

The first decision you'll need to make when considering exterior finishes is whether or not you want to use metal siding. Metal siding is durable, low maintenance, and can be painted in any color imaginable. However, it doesn't provide much insulation from the elements. If this doesn't bother you, metal siding can work well as an exterior finish for your pole barn. You can compensate for this with good insulation with a higher R-value. 

Another option is vinyl siding, which is less expensive than metal siding and provides better insulation than wood siding alternatives. This pole barn siding comes in many different styles and colors so that you can find something that fits into your overall design scheme without being too out of place with other aspects of your home's style. 

Pole building barns are versatile and very customizable. Contact a pole barn building service to discuss options for your project, like Hammer Time Construction LLC.