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How Do Contractors Drain Swampy Land?

Do you have a piece of land that you want to use, but really can't because it is too wet and sloppy? Rather than just let the land sit and go to waste, you might want to hire a contractor to drain the land. There are a few different strategies they can use to dry things out and make the land more usable again.

Digging Ditches

If the property is bordered by public ditches, then your contractors may want to dig some additional ditches to drain the land. They can dig a ditch or two across the property in key locations. The water will then drain into these ditches, and it will then find its way into the public ditches. If you have specific building plans or designs, make sure you share them with your contractors beforehand. They can then plan the placement of the ditches around your plans.

Digging a Pond

If there are few or no public ditches around the swampy land, your contractor may instead want to dig a pond or two on the land. They'll generally pair the pond with a couple of ditches to capture the water. This way, the water will drain into the ditches and then find its way into the ponds. The ponds will typically be placed on the edge or border of the property so they are not in the way. You can hide them with retaining walls, or alternatively, you can decorate them and use them as a part of your landscaping design.

Adding Drain Tile

If the land is only swampy in some areas and the water tends to be shallow, then your contractor may install what's called drain tile. The drain tile is essentially an empty vessel that can be buried below the ground. The vessel has space to hold water that drips down into it from the ground's surface. Having drain tile installed can take a little while, and it can be expensive. However, you can build close to — and in some cases, even over the top of — drain tile. This makes it a compatible choice when you want to build on land but don't want to work around ditches and ponds.

There are plenty of ways to drain swampy land. The ideas above are just a few of the top ones to explore. Talk to a drainage contracting service such as H & I Excavating for more ideas and extra inspiration.