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Products That Can Make Your Dock More Usable

If you have a dock, you might as well use it to its fullest. Sometimes, that means buying a few more products to attach to your dock or keep on the deck. Here are some key dock products to consider purchasing if you want to use your dock more.

A Dock Ladder

If you ever swim in the body of water where your dock is floating, then consider adding a dock ladder to the side. This way, you won't have to jump off the dock every time you want to take a dip. You can instead climb down the ladder, giving yourself more time to adapt to the water temperature. Most dock ladders simply attach to the deck with two bolts. As long as you have a drill and a ratchet set, there should no reason you can't install the ladder yourself.

Extra Cleats

If you actually use your dock to dock a boat, it probably already has one cleat. Consider adding a second cleat, or even two more cleats — one on each side. This gives friends and family members a place to tie their boats should they decide to visit. Depending on the size of your boat, you might not be able to fit another big boat in there, but a small sailboat or paddleboat should fit.

Dock Lights

Adding some solar lights to your dock can make it so much more usable! You'll be able to see clearly when you pull up to the dock at night. The lights can also illuminate the surrounding area, enabling you to relax and picnic on or around the deck. Solar lights charge themselves by day in the sunshine, so you don't have to worry about running any electricity to the deck to install them. Most secure to the deck with a few screws at the base.

Dock Bumper

Do you ever find yourself bumping into the dock with your boat? This might be a reason you avoid boating when it's a little windy out or when you can't see so clearly. A dock bumper will put an end to this issue. It's basically a big rubber bumper that you attach to the water end of the dock to give it some padding.

With the accessories above, you'll likely find yourself using your dock a lot more, and you'll probably enjoy the process a bit more, too. Visit a dock products vendor near you to get started.