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Aluminum Fences And Some Choices You Will Have

Aluminum fencing has become a popular choice for both residences and businesses due to its ability to offer a great-looking fence that's also good for such things as containment and security. Aluminum fences are lightweight, come in many options, and can be customized for very specific needs or preferences. Here is a guide on aluminum fences: 

Traditional aluminum fences are just the beginning of what's available

The traditional and pre-manufactured aluminum fences are easy to find since they are so common. Driving through a single neighborhood will likely unveil several homes with this type of fence. However, something that some people don't realize is that there are also many ways aluminum fences can be customized to meet a lot of different tastes and needs. Such customization options can include everything from varying heights and thicknesses to unique shapes and creative post caps. 

Custom aluminum fences can come in many shapes

The common way to see a fence installed is around a yard in a square or rectangular shape. However, an aluminum fence can be installed in nearly any shape wanted or needed. It can be made to curve around landscaping, mimic the shape of a pool, form an oval or round shape, or even create a star shape if that is what is wanted. 

Along with the fence itself creating nearly any desired shape, the bottom of the panels can also be custom shaped, so the fence can be made to go over parts of landscaping, such as boulders or other items that would otherwise get in the way of having the fence installed in that part of the yard. 

An aluminum fence can have spear-top posts with staggering heights. This can create a unique look for the fence that can help it to stand out a bit more from the rest of the landscaping that you have going on in the yard. 

This type of fence can also be designed to create a design that is known as 'stepping'. This means that the fence will have panels that step down several inches causing an effect that is similar to the way steps look. This is commonly done when the ground is at a sloping angle. 

Custom aluminum fences come in a variety of colors 

While you may be used to seeing aluminum fences in black or white, they also come in a wide selection of other colors and shades including a number of gray and brown shades.

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