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A Closer Look At the Advantages of Choosing Spray Foam Insulation for Your Home

If you have noticed that it has become increasingly difficult to keep your home at a comfortable temperature despite the constant use of your heating and air conditioning system, it may be time to add some new insulation to your home. While there are many different types of insulation for you to choose from, the use of spray foam insulation will often prove the best option. This is because foam insulation offers a wide variety of benefits that you simply will not find with other insulation products. Read on to learn more about some of these impressive benefits.

Don't Ruin Your Walls

Some insulation products, such as batt insulation, require you to have full access to the frame of your wall in order to complete the installation process. This will mean the need to remove all drywall or paneling. Not only can this be time-consuming and messy, but it can also add a considerable expense to the cost of your insulation project. With the use of spray foam insulation, it is possible to add insulation to your walls without the need to remove your drywall in the process. All a foam insulation contractor needs to do is make a small hole in the drywall to access the frame behind it. Then they will be able to add insulation using a special hose that is able to direct the foam where it needs to be. This small hole can then be easily patched.

Get In Even The Smallest Places

Another common problem that people encounter when insulating their home is that it can be difficult to get insulation into the small spaces between pipes, in corners, and around wiring. This can leave their home without the insulation it really needs to maintain a comfortable temperature and keep energy bills to a minimum. Since spray foam insulation sticks to any surface and then expands to fill in the empty space, it is truly possible to effectively insulate even the smallest and most difficult-to-reach areas in your home. 

Avoid Settling In The Future

The primary reason that many homeowners find themselves needing to add new insulation to their homes is that the original insulation has begun to settle over the years. This settling process will often result in the top portion of walls being left without the protection they need. Since foam insulation adheres to the inside of your wall rather than moving about freely within your wall, this type of insulation will not settle over time. This means that you will never again need to replace your insulation as the result of shifting or settling materials. 

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