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Three Benefits Of Using A Boundary Conflicts Mediator

If you have a boundary dispute or a boundary conflict with a neighbor, you may be taking legal action to settle the dispute. When it comes to legal matters, more and more people are opting for mediation, rather than utilizing the courts. This is because there are many benefits associated with mediating a dispute, rather than taking it to trial. Here are three benefits of using a boundary conflict mediator for boundary issues and disputes. 

1. You May Be Able to Avoid An Expensive Lawsuit

One of the biggest benefits associated with using a mediator for any type of lawsuit is that you can avoid the expenses associated with taking a case to trial. When you take any type of case to trial, including boundary conflicts, you typically spend a lot of money in legal fees, fees to hire experts and the fees associated with filing cases in courts. While there are still some legal fees and costs associated with mediation, they are typically a fraction of the cost associated with taking a case to trial. 

2. You May Be Able to Reach a Settlement Faster Than You Would in Court

The second advantage of using a boundary conflicts mediator for boundary disputes is that you can typically reach a settlement or resolution faster than you would if your case went to court. If you take a case to court, you have to wait for both parties to complete the discovery process. From there, the case has to be put on the calendar, and many courts are backed up with cases. Additionally, both parties have the right to appeal a judge's decision once an outcome is reached. These cases can drag on and on. With mediation, you can speed things up and reach a faster resolution. 

3. Parties May Be Able to Reach a Settlement That Makes Them Both Happy

The last benefit to mediation for property boundary conflicts is that you may be able to reach a resolution that makes both parties happy or at least works for both parties. If you take your case to trial, a judge has the final say in what happens. They could make a decision that both parties don't like. You retain some control with mediation, helping you to reach an outcome that you can live with. 

If both parties are willing to work with a mediator to resolve a boundary dispute, both parties may be able to avoid an expensive lawsuit, get the issue resolved quickly, and reach a settlement that both parties may be able to live with. If you are involved in a property boundary dispute, talk to your attorney about the potential benefits of seeking mediation for your specific case. Reach out to a company like Survey Tucson to find a boundary dispute mediator.