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Choosing The Right Pump For Your Water Well

Installing a new water well is a great way to add residential water to your home if you are not on the public water line. However, once the well is drilled, it will require a submersible well pump to draw the water out of the well, and choosing the right one is often something you will need some assistance with. 

Well Pump Installation

If you are not familiar with submersible well pumps, picking one for your well can be a little confusing. The well pump needs to be strong enough to push the water from the bottom of the well to the pressure tank inside the house, so the size pump you need is often dependent on the depth. 

The deeper the well is drilled, the harder it will be for the submersible well pump to lift the water to the surface. However, once on the surface, the water line transitions to a horizontal line, and the water is much easier to move to the tank.  

Working with a well pump installer to determine the pump requirements and have the water system installed in your home can make things easier. The pump installer will understand the pumps available and the amount of pressure needed to get the water from the well to the surface. 

Once the pump is selected for the well, the installer can typically put the pump and water system in your home in a few hours. If a water filtration system is going in the house, the tech will install the pump and pressure tank, but until the filtration system is connected, the pump will not be usable. 

Deep Wells 

If your new well is extremely deep, you may need to consider deep well pumps when looking at options. The deep well pumps are still submersible well pumps that do into the base of the well, but they have larger motors to produce more lift and get the water to the surface. 

Installing deep well pumps is also a little more complicated because they are down so far, and often several check valves will need to be installed in the line as it comes up the inside of the well. The check valves help take some of the strain off the pump and do not allow water to flow backward through the waterline. 

In most cases, deep well pumps require several installers and a motorized tripod to lower the pump into the well because they are heavy, and the further down the well they are, the harder they can be to stabilize. 

For more information, contact a well pump service in your area, such as Modern Pump & Equipment.