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3 Remodeling Projects For A More User-Friendly Home

When the pandemic caused businesses, factories, and schools to close, many families were suddenly forced to spend more time in their homes than ever before. For some, this added time at home resulted in an increasing frustration with aspects of their home's design that they felt were inconvenient or uncomfortable. 

Even though pandemic restrictions are lifting and families are returning to their previously hectic schedules, some are likely still pondering possible changes to their homes in the hopes of adding comfort and creating a more user-friendly space. If your family spent the long pandemic months listing your home's faults and wishing for change, now is a great time to begin considering improvements to your home. The following information offers just a few of the hundreds of ways in which your home could be improved through home remodeling. 

Lose the formal dining room

When a home has both an eat-in kitchen and a formal dining room, it is still common for families to gather in the kitchen for all their meals, instead of using the dining room. If the home design includes a wall between these two spaces, a remodeling project that removes the wall and joins both spaces to create a large combination kitchen-family room can instantly make the home feel more comfortable and user-friendly. 

Enclose an existing back porch to add usable space

If your home has a back porch that offers nothing but a roof to offer a little shade, remodeling it to provide a comfortable living space should be considered. Good ideas for the project include framing and insulating walls to hold thermal windows and adding a mini-split heating and cooling system to make the space useable, no matter what the weather is doing. 

Add another bathroom between bedrooms

Bathroom space is a source of contention in many families, especially those where the existing bathrooms in the family home are in constant demand. Homeowners may be able to find room for the addition of another bathroom by stealing some square footage from a generously sized bedroom or adding a small add-on structure to the home to serve as a bathroom. 

Homeowners who struggle to recognize areas of their home that could easily lend themselves to positive changes may want to consider asking for a professional opinion. Inviting a reputable home remodeling contractor to view your home and offer ideas for making improvements is an excellent starting point to a more comfortable, more user-friendly home environment. Reach out to a home remodeling professional near you.